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Do You Need Air Conditioner Replacement or Just a Repair?

When your air conditioner acts up, it can be tricky to know whether it needs a simple repair or something more serious. No matter how many repairs you make, there comes a day when you can’t avoid it any longer—and a complete air [...]

What’s the Ideal Indoor Temperature in Spring?

Spring weather can make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. One day you’re wearing shorts and the next day you could be cranking up the heat. So how can you determine the ideal indoor temperature for your home? It involves monitoring [...]

How Does a House Heat Pump Work and Do You Need One?

If you’re looking for an efficient and flexible heating and cooling solution, consider a house heat pump. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems provide the temperature comfort you need with minimal equipment and no need for fuel such as gas. In our blog, [...]

What Services Are Included With Annual Furnace Maintenance?

At S&R Heating & Cooling, we talk a lot about annual furnace maintenance. But why is it so important? How do you benefit from it? From reducing the chance of breakdowns to boosting energy efficiency, our team shares everything you need to know [...]

7 Great Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Keeping your home warm and toasty all winter is easy if you prepare in advance. While your home furnace plays a  crucial role, winterizing your home ensures that warmth stays where it should—within the walls of your home. In this blog, S&R Heating [...]

How UV Lights for HVAC Work to Purify Your Home Air

Did you know there’s a simple, yet powerful way to purify your home air by using ultraviolet light? It’s true—using the power of the sun, UV lights for HVAC clean discreetly and thoroughly. Discover the benefits of these powerful little lights and why [...]

6 Awesome Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling

Setting up zoned heating and cooling in your home allows you to take total control of your comfort. But it also has many more benefits for you and your family. Whether you have relatives with different opinions on a comfortable temperature, or a [...]

3 Easy Ways to Check Your Furnace Efficiency

Furnace efficiency is something we take for granted. In fact, as long as it’s warm and cozy in your home, your furnace is not something you think about too often. However, even if everything is running fine, you should be looking for [...]

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Do you need to replace your furnace? Whether you’ve needed repairs before or this is the first time, S&R Heating & Cooling is here to provide the support you need. It can be hard to know when to draw the line with furnace [...]

Here’s Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Many homeowners dread that moment when turning on the furnace becomes a necessity. But what’s even more disappointing than the end of summer is finding your furnace blowing cold air. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but if not addressed quickly, it can [...]

How to Improve Air Quality in 3 Easy Steps

Your home is where you spend most of your time. That’s why taking steps to ensure good indoor air quality is so essential. At S&R Heating & Cooling, we understand that—and we’re here to help. Below, find our guide on how to [...]

3 Common Air Conditioner Problems (and How to Fix Them)

We’ve all been there when you’re having air conditioner problems and the system isn’t quite working. Fortunately, the award-winning team at S&R Heating & Cooling has seen every issue in the book—and fixed them, too. Below, we’re laying out some common AC problems and [...]

Just How Important Is Your Home Air Filter?

When you think of your HVAC systems, your furnace and air conditioner are going to come to mind first. But did you know that your home air filter is just as essential to your comfort? It’s a small component that makes a big difference—and [...]

5 Simple Energy-Efficiency Tips to Help You Save

Looking for energy-efficiency tips to help you save money as we transition into spring? The experts at S&R Heating & Cooling have you covered. Below, we're sharing some of our favorite ways to save energy. (And when you're ready for number five, give us [...]

4 Incredible Benefits of a Humidifier That Will Make You Want One

We all know what we're going to get out of winter: cold and dry air. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to making winter more tolerable—installing a whole-home humidification system from S&R Heating & Cooling. Our experts are sharing the top benefits of a [...]

Can a New Furnace Actually Save You Money?

Having to buy a new furnace is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a homeowner. And usually, you only do so because you’re having problems with your current system. It has a big price tag, yes, but can it actually [...]

Here’s What to Do When Heat Goes Out in Your Home

Your furnace works 24/7 in the winter to keep your family warm and cozy. But what happens if it stops working? The first step is to call S&R Heating & Cooling for a professional furnace repair—651-429-0001. The second step? Use our tips below [...]

6 Easy Ways to Save on Heating Costs This Winter

Keeping your home warm in winter while finding ways to save on heating costs is a delicate balance. But with some help from S&R Heating & Cooling, you can make it easy on yourself. Discover how to save on heating below, then call [...]

Do You Need a Furnace Replacement This Winter?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's furnace replacement time in your house—especially if your current system is still working. But at S&R Heating & Cooling, we know that it's better to be proactive with your heating and cooling than to leave [...]

What Is Indoor Air Quality, and Why Is It So Important?

At S&R Heating & Cooling, we talk a lot about the importance of home air quality. That’s because it affects more than just your comfort—it can also impact your health. But what is indoor air quality, and what can make it troublesome? Our [...]

5 Easy Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home

We've all heard that old weather adage: "It wouldn't be so bad without the humidity." At S&R Heating & Cooling, we agree—so we're sharing ways that you can lower humidity in your home and fully enjoy the warmer weather. Find the answers you [...]

Everything You Should Know About Air Exchanger Systems

Opening your windows for a blast of fresh air is one of the best feelings. But in the summer, outdoor heat, humidity, and allergens can make it hard to enjoy it. An easy solution? Call S&R Heating & Cooling to install an air [...]

Here’s Why You Should Schedule Annual AC Maintenance Today

Just like you take your car in for a routine check-up, annual AC maintenance is crucial to keeping your system running. But what exactly goes into this service? How does it benefit you? The experts at S&R Heating & Cooling are breaking down [...]

6 Dehumidifier Benefits That Will Make You Want One Today

It’s almost air conditioner time, which means warmer temps and, unfortunately, higher humidity. Thankfully, a whole-home dehumidifier can help lower moisture and keep you comfortable. And the best part: It does it all while helping you stay healthy. How? The experts at S&R [...]

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