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The Art of Comfort

S&R knows there’s an art to providing your family comfort. That’s why our blog, The Art of Comfort, provides awesome insights and practical tips to help you maintain your boiler, furnace, air conditioner, and indoor air quality units. Our techs are the masters of their craft and love to share their well-seasoned guidance in our blog. Or call us, if you prefer the old-fashioned way—we’re here to answer your questions.

  • Two technicians replace your furnace in homeowner's basement.

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

January 31, 2023|Categories: Heating|

Do you need to replace your furnace? Whether you’ve needed repairs before or this is the first time, S&R Heating & Cooling is here to provide the support you need. It can be hard to know when to draw the line with furnace [...]

  • Male homeowner sits bundled up on couch freezing thanks to a furnace blowing cold air.

Here’s Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

November 22, 2022|Categories: Heating|

Many homeowners dread that moment when turning on the furnace becomes a necessity. But what’s even more disappointing than the end of summer is finding your furnace blowing cold air. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but if not addressed quickly, it can [...]

  • How Air Filter Works

Just How Important Is Your Home Air Filter?

May 5, 2022|Categories: Indoor Air Quality|

When you think of your HVAC systems, your furnace and air conditioner are going to come to mind first. But did you know that your home air filter is just as essential to your comfort? It’s a small component that makes a big difference—and [...]

  • Satisfied homeowners give thumbs up next to furnace after using energy-efficiency tips.

5 Simple Energy-Efficiency Tips to Help You Save

March 8, 2022|Categories: Home Comfort|

Looking for energy-efficiency tips to help you save money as we transition into spring? The experts at S&R Heating & Cooling have you covered. Below, we're sharing some of our favorite ways to save energy. (And when you're ready for number five, give us [...]

  • Family decorates cookies in kitchen under comfort of a new furnace.

Can a New Furnace Actually Save You Money?

January 31, 2022|Categories: Heating|

Having to buy a new furnace is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a homeowner. And usually, you only do so because you’re having problems with your current system. It has a big price tag, yes, but can it actually [...]

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