Just How Important Is Your Home Air Filter?

Just How Important Is Your Home Air Filter?

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How Air Filter Works

When you think of your HVAC systems, your furnace and air conditioner are going to come to mind first. But did you know that your home air filter is just as essential to your comfort? It’s a small component that makes a big difference—and the Bryant® experts here at S&R Heating & Cooling explain why below.

What Does Your Air Filter Do?

In short, it helps you breathe safe, clean air every day. The filter slots into your air ducts and is designed to capture airborne contaminants like dust, dirt, and pet hair that circulate through your home. By removing them from your air, they help ensure less pollution and keep you breathing healthy air all year long.

Why Do You Need to Replace Them?

The longer you go without changing your home air filter, the more contaminants will build up on it. The problem? That can clog the filter, which causes it to lose efficiency and can even block air from flowing through your ducts. In turn, that causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder to circulate air, which can put unnecessary stress on them and eventually cause them to break down. Plus, all those pollutants your filter would otherwise catch will continue floating around your air.

So How Often Should You Replace Your Filter?

To keep air moving and pollutants from circulating, it’s best to replace standard one-inch filters once every one to three months—or more often if you smoke indoors or have pets. If you have a high-efficiency media filter, swap yours out for a new one every six to 12 months.

Have questions on what size to use? Home air filters have their dimensions posted on the side, so make note of the size and stock up on them.

Are There Other Ways to Protect Your Indoor Air Quality?

Definitely! While a home air filter replacement always works, we have many air quality systems that can help you. From air purifiers that eliminate pollutants to dehumidifiers that reduce moisture levels, we have everything your home may need. All you have to do is call or contact us and let us know what issues you might be facing.