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Zeroing in on Zoning in Your Home

If you have hot or cold spots in your home or rooms that never seem comfortable, zoning may be the answer. Zoning is the perfect way to set different temperatures—according to your needs and on an area-by-area basis—each with an independently controlled thermostat that links to the master control panel. You can set a desired temperature in each area, choose not to heat and cool rooms that aren’t in use, make your bedroom cooler than the first floor—the choice is all yours.

Why Do Homeowners Choose Zoning From S&R?

S&R Heating & Cooling specializes in zoning. We’ll work with you to design the right number of zones and locations, as well as implement it in your home. And, most importantly, we won’t leave until you understand exactly how the system works.

Zoning Gives You More Control and Comfort in Each Room

Think about it. You don’t control all the lights in your home from one switch—so why would it make sense to control the temperature using one thermostat? With zoning, you’re in better control of your home environment—and it’s easier to make everyone happy and comfortable.

Every home has heating and cooling challenges, but because most heating and cooling systems aren’t built to handle them, your furnace or air conditioner may be overcompensating. If your system is working too hard to push warm or cool air throughout your home, it’s being taxed it to its limits and you’re paying the price with higher bills. S&R can help you improve the energy efficiency of your home with zoning—often by as much as 30 percent when paired with programmable thermostats. That means you enjoy improved comfort while saving on utility costs.

Why Zoning From S&R?

  • Customize your comfort
  • Stop wear and tear on your equipment
  • Improve operation
  • Lower annual energy costs
  • Choose the number of zones you want, from two on up——with most homes using two to six zones
  • Regulate temperature

For more information about zoning your home, call the comfort specialists at S&R today for a free in-home estimate.

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