Heat Pumps (Cooling)

Cool and Heat Your Home With One Heat Pump

Bryant® heat pumps are all-in-one systems that both heat and cool your home depending on the season. The experts at recommend these systems to homeowners because they’re energy-efficient and effective at keeping you comfortable year-round. If you need a system replacement, let our pros recommend a heat pump for your home, so you can start saving money right away.

How a Heat Pump Provides Both Heating and Air Conditioning

There are many types of heat pumps, but they all operate by transferring heat into or out of your home. During winter, the system draws heat energy from outdoor air or the ground and brings it indoors to heat your home. In summer, the process reverses and extracts heat energy from inside your home and transfers it outside to keep you cool, like an air conditioner does. This process means heat is simply transferred and you don’t have to burn fuel to stay comfortable.

Get Pumped for Better Hybrid Heating Efficiency

Currently using a furnace and air conditioner to heat your home? Let us explain how the combined strength of a gas furnace with an electric heat pump can deliver more comfort and efficiency all year long. Not only will you have more control over your utility bills, you’ll also have additional protection from unpredictable fuel cost increases. Here are more reasons to choose an energy-efficient heat pump:

  • Flexibility—heat and cool your home using one system
  • Safety—heat pumps don’t emit fumes or flames
  • Comfort—the system easily maintains a comfortable environment, no matter the time of year
  • Health—its design helps improve air circulation and quality while eliminating smoke, ashes, moisture, and more
  • Efficiency—by transferring heat rather than burning fuel, heat pumps are more energy-efficient, which can help you save money

For more information about heat pumps, please call the comfort specialists at S&R Heating today.

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