3 Common Air Conditioner Problems (and How to Fix Them)

3 Common Air Conditioner Problems (and How to Fix Them)

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We’ve all been there when you’re having air conditioner problems and the system isn’t quite working. Fortunately, the award-winning team at S&R Heating & Cooling has seen every issue in the book—and fixed them, too. Below, we’re laying out some common AC problems and solutions you can use to stay comfortable.

How to Fix Your Air Conditioner Problems

System Isn’t Working

Of course, you could call in the pros at S&R for help, but you can try to troubleshoot it yourself before you do.

First, check the thermostat. It sounds silly, but if your thermostat isn’t on—or the batteries are dead—it could be what’s making you think your system isn’t working. Next, check the circuit box to see if any breakers have tripped. If none of that helps, then contact us for fast and efficient repair.

System Is Blowing Warm Air

The last thing you need in the hot summer is an AC blowing warm air. Thankfully, this problem oftentimes has a simple solution: replacing an old air filter. Over time, airborne contaminants build up on the filter, causing it to get clogged and dirty, which can block proper air flow. Switch out the filter for a new one and see if that fixes your problem. If not, it could be a refrigerant issue—which means it’s time to contact the experts.

Hot Spots in Your Home

Every house has those areas that simply don’t stay cool as well as others. It’s not necessarily the air conditioner’s fault—it likely has more to do with factors like window orientation, room size, and even where your vents are placed.

To start, make sure all your vents are open and unblocked. It might seem like a good idea to close grates in certain rooms in order to funnel air to others, but it actually puts more stress on your AC.

Next, keep blinds or curtains closed in those warmer areas during the day. The sun adds a lot of heat to your home, which could be canceling out the cool air from your AC.

However, if you’ve taken these steps and your room is still sweltering, S&R has got you covered. From adding dampers to helping redistribute cool air, we have the expertise to help.

S&R—Ready and Willing to Tackle Your Air Conditioner Problems

Whether your system needs a simple repair or a complete replacement, S&R’s Bryant® experts are here for you. Give us a call today for professional cooling help.