6 Awesome Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling

6 Awesome Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling

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Man and his dog relax on couch with new zoned heating and cooling installation.

Setting up zoned heating and cooling in your home allows you to take total control of your comfort. But it also has many more benefits for you and your family. Whether you have relatives with different opinions on a comfortable temperature, or a home with rooms that aren’t always in use, zoning provides a solution for everyone. Read about how this system works below, then call S&R Heating & Cooling when you’re ready to set one up in your own home.

How Does a Zoned Heating and Cooling System Work?

Zoning allows you to create separate areas within your home, each of which can be controlled with its own thermostat. This means you can keep one “zone” of your home warmer or cooler while maintaining a completely different temperature in another. Each space can be customized based on your needs—whether you want to control one room or an entire floor separately from the rest of your home.

Why Choose a Zoning System?

1. Energy Efficiency

With zoned heating and cooling, you’re only using energy to control the rooms you need to. So instead of paying to heat your whole house, you might only be heating one room or floor—which means greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills. Additionally, only using one part of your HVAC system at a time can reduce wear and tear on the units.

2. Improved Comfort

Let’s face it: Your family members each have a different opinion on what the most comfortable temperature is. With a zoning system, everyone under the same roof will be happy.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

By only running your HVAC through the rooms you need, you’re blowing less air through the vents. This results in less distribution of indoor air pollutants being circulated through the home, which increases air quality.

4. Regulated Temperatures

It’s common to experience varied temperatures in different areas of the home—some rooms are just colder than others. Heat rises, so in multi-story homes, the upstairs is sometimes warmer than down. Additionally, if you have a room over a garage, it could be cooler. Installing a zoned heating and cooling system takes care of these irregularities by allowing you to control each section individually and even everything out.

5. Convenient Control

Zoned systems can be controlled right from your smartphone, which means you can control the individual zones from the comfort of anywhere in (or outside) your home.

Get Your Zoned Heating and Cooling Set Up With S&R

Now that we’ve explained the many benefits of zoning, you might be considering installation in your home. The good news is that installation is simple—so once you’ve decided how to split your home, you’ll be able to enjoy perfect comfort in no time. When you’re ready to set up zoned heating and cooling, call the Bryant® experts at S&R at 651-429-0001 or send us a message online.