Three Ways a Humidifier Can Pay for Itself

Three Ways a Humidifier Can Pay for Itself

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It always seems like there are more bills this time of year—gifts, special meals, and traveling to see friends and family, not to mention the high cost of home heating. While it might be tough to fit something else into your budget right now, you may want to consider a whole-home humidifier. It’s not just a comfort issue—dry winter air can be costly in a number of ways, and the benefits of a humidifier can often offset the cost of the system in less time than you might think.

  1. Lower energy bills—dry air doesn’t hold heat energy as effectively as moist air, so you’ll feel colder in winter even if your thermostat setting stays the same all year. The difference is that you’ll probably have to turn up your furnace and spend more on gas or oil just to feel comfortable. That extra money could be put toward a humidifier and more complete comfort.
  2. Fewer sick days—besides the misery of a cold or flu, being sick comes with real costs. Lost wages, doctor’s visits, and medicine add up quickly, especially if you have frequent respiratory problems. Investing in a humidifier helps protect against raw throats and irritated nasal passages that are more susceptible to viruses. Better still is the fact that many viruses grow and thrive in dry air, so a humidifier can help limit your exposure to these germs in the first place.
  3. Smaller repair bills—when the air in your home loses moisture, so does everything in it. If this kind of dryness goes unchecked, you’ll end up with wallpaper that’s peeling, wood flooring that’s cracked and separated, and wood furniture that splits and splinters. When you consider what it could cost to repair or replace damaged items, installing a humidifier is a smart way to manage your home comfort and budget.

Total Comfort Made Easy

A whole-home humidifier is easier and more effective to operate than portable electric units that require constant filling and still struggle to add the recommended 35 to 50 percent moisture to your air. Ask a Factory Authorized Dealer like S&R Heating & Cooling about a humidifier that works with a Bryant® comfort system to make you feel better about your home and budget.