Don’t Lose Your Cool

Don’t Lose Your Cool

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Chill out With Expert A/C Maintenance

Let’s face it, talking about the reasons to have routine maintenance performed on your central air conditioner is about as exciting as talking about insurance. But you still make time to learn about insurance, and include it in your budget to protect your family, home, and vehicles against unforeseen issues and events.

Scheduling annual service for your central air conditioner is like having an insurance policy for your comfort. It helps prevent failures that inconvenience you when it’s hot, or could ruin a special summer event such as your annual BBQ, a high school graduation party, or a sleepover for the kids. The great news is that annual maintenance from the pros like those at S&R Heating & Cooling will help you “chill out” all summer long—and may also help you save a few bucks!

Regular service on your Bryant® A/C unit offers the following benefits:

Reduced Energy Bills—An A/C unit that is clogged with debris, or has dirty filters and coils, will not perform properly or efficiently. This means you are paying more than you should to cool your home. When your system is performing at its best, it will help save you money. And what’s better than being comfortable while saving?

Preventing Major Repairs—During annual maintenance, our experienced techs will look for wear and tear or damage to fans, compressors, controls, and other systems, as well as inspect for proper coolant level. In most cases, fixing a small issue early prevents larger issues later.

Improved Air Quality—Clean A/C units not only operate more efficiently, but they also do a better job of removing contaminants from the air. If you have family or friends with allergies or respiratory ailments, these maintenance visits can help everyone breathe easier.

Prolonging System Life—On average, central A/C units have a 10 to 15-year life expectancy. While you may not be able to control certain factors that impact system life—such as the age of the unit or weather—preventive maintenance helps you get the most out of your current unit. Extending the life of your system for even a year or two offers tremendous out-of-pocket savings versus early replacement.

Experts, like the techs at S&R Heating, can keep your air conditioning system performing at its best. Call today to learn more about our Service Maintenance Agreement that helps make summer heat—and your cooling costs—more bearable!