A/C Ductless Split Systems and Zoning For Hard-To-Cool Rooms

A/C Ductless Split Systems and Zoning For Hard-To-Cool Rooms

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Couple gets consultation on Ductless Air Conditioning System

There are a few reasons one or more rooms in your home just never seem comfortable in summer. Maybe the room has poor ventilation or insulation. Maybe it has no ductwork—which is not unusual in older homes, condos, additions, or attics—so it’s easy to understand why it’s too warm, even if you have central air conditioning. Or perhaps it has its own heat source, like electronics or a south-facing window. In each situation, HVAC experts like those at S&R Heating & Cooling know how to cool that room and reclaim your space without resorting to an awkward, inefficient window or wall air conditioner.

Bring Comfort and Affordability Together With a Ductless System

One option is a ductless mini-split system, which is a smart alternative to adding or adapting central air conditioning. The “split” refers to small but separate indoor and outdoor units which are connected by small lines rather than ducts for flexible, single-room cooling service. They have a low profile that works in almost any room or design, and are incredibly quiet and energy-efficient. When combined with a heat pump—which can both add or remove heat energy from the air—a mini split system is the all-season solution to problem areas.

Get in the Zone to Get Control

A second option is zoning, which involves installing independently controlled thermostats throughout your home or business, so you can set each as needed. Every zone is connected to the main system panel, but it reads and adapts to temperature variations in its specific area. Better still, they can be programmed differently, depending on when and how you use those rooms.

If one area of your home is making your entire system work harder, you are probably wasting energy and money, and still not getting to your ideal comfort level. If you want every room to be usable, without paying up to 30 percent more in utility costs each month, a Bryant® ductless mini-split system or zoning is a smart investment.

For more ways to improve comfort and efficiency, ask us about an in-home consultation. From heating and cooling systems to air quality testing, S&R has experts on staff to help!