6 Easy Ways to Save on Heating Costs This Winter

6 Easy Ways to Save on Heating Costs This Winter

Happy family in kitchen cooks and discovers ways to save on heating costs.

Keeping your home warm in winter while finding ways to save on heating costs is a delicate balance. But with some help from S&R Heating & Cooling, you can make it easy on yourself. Discover how to save on heating below, then call us at 651-429-0001 with questions or concerns.

Helpful Heating Tips for Winter

Replace Your Furnace Filter

It’s a simple but powerful tip. Your filter helps catch airborne contaminants and even certain viruses as they flow through your house. But over time, those pollutants can clog the filter, making it hard for your furnace to circulate warm air. Changing the filter every one to three months can help improve your heating system’s efficiency.

Open Your Curtains During the Day

Even in the winter, the sun can help keep you warm. Keep all drapes, curtains, and blinds open during the day to let that free heat into your home. You won’t have to touch your thermostat, but you can stay just as comfortable as if you had.

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Speaking of thermostats, installing a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat is an easy and convenient way to take control of your energy usage. These devices allow you to schedule temperature changes based on whether you’re home or away. You can set it lower while you’re at work or on vacation, then have it automatically adjust when you’re on your way home. That simple schedule can save you a ton on energy, as you’re not wasting it heating an empty house.

Reverse the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan Blades

Did you know your ceiling fan can rotate in two different directions? It’s true—and it’s a simple way to increase your comfort. In the winter, switch them to spin clockwise. This will help push warm air, which naturally rises, back down to you while pulling cool air up. You can keep air moving and improve your home’s efficiency all at once.

Utilize Fireplaces and Space Heaters

Not every home has a fireplace, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, it’s a great way to cut down on the amount of energy your furnace uses. The same goes for space heaters. You won’t waste energy on heating an entire house when you’re only using one room.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Furnace maintenance can help you save on winter heating costs in a few different ways. During the service, we clean and tune your entire system, which helps improve its energy efficiency. Plus, we catch and fix potential problems before they break down your system, saving you on costly repairs in the future.

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Whether you need more ways to save on heating costs or are ready to schedule your annual furnace tune-up, count on S&R Heating to help.

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