5 Easy Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home

5 Easy Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home

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We’ve all heard that old weather adage: “It wouldn’t be so bad without the humidity.” At S&R Heating & Cooling, we agree—so we’re sharing ways that you can lower humidity in your home and fully enjoy the warmer weather. Find the answers you need below, and give us a call at 651-429-0001 with questions and concerns.

How to Reduce Humidity in Your House

Install a Dehumidifier

These systems are designed specifically to lower humidity in your indoor air. Whether single-room units or whole-home systems, they suck excess moisture out of the air, helping balance humidity levels in the recommended 35 to 50 percent range. They’re an easy-to-use, hands-off solution to making a room less humid.

Run Your Air Conditioner

Believe it or not, your AC can also go a long way toward lowering humidity. The cool air it blows through your home can help counterbalance warmer, more humid conditions. It may not target moisture in your air, but your AC can help you feel more comfortable quickly.

Make Use of Your Fans

Especially when taking a shower or cooking, it’s easy for steam to rise into your air and make it more humid. For those reasons, run any ventilation or exhaust fans you have to send that moisture outside. Not only will it help keep your air clean—it’ll help you avoid moisture problems such as mold and mildew.

Shorten Your Showers (and Use Colder Water)

Taking shorter showers—and using colder water during them—can help reduce the amount of moisture released into the air. Even with an exhaust fan running, this step can help cut down on humidity before it even starts.

Crack Open a Window

Sometimes the easiest solution is also the best one. If the day outside isn’t warm and muggy, try opening your windows to alleviate some of the humidity indoors.

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