Bryant® Perfect Air™ Purifier: The Latest and Greatest in the War on Germs

If you’ve ever had a sick family member, then you know the importance of keeping germs at bay. That’s why we take clean air seriously. We’ve partnered with the folks at Bryant® Heating & Cooling, who are just as serious about fighting germs in your home as we are. Their new Evolution® Perfect Air™ Purifier with Captures and Kills™ technology purifies your air as effectively as systems used in many hospitals and government facilities.

Germs Are in the Air

If you have lingering cold, flu, or allergy symptoms, your home air quality could be the culprit. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests show that the air pollution levels in our energy-efficient homes can be two to five times higher than outdoors. Allergen-laden air can be responsible for symptoms such as sneezing, headaches, itchy eyes, sore throats, fatigue, or dizziness.

Fortunately, when you install an Evolution® Perfect Air™ Purifier with Captures and Kills™ technology, you’ll start breathing easier. Kiss all that sneezing and those itchy eyes goodbye!

Keep Your HVAC System Operating Efficiently

Your new air purifier will not only capture and kill common allergens such as pollen, mold, and dander, but it will also keep your HVAC system running more smoothly. The upgraded Bryant air purifier kills 99 percent of captured microorganisms, which provides numerous benefits to the entire system. These include:

  • Keeping the heating and cooling system clean
  • Helping the system operate more efficiently
  • Prolonging its lifespan

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