What Is Indoor Air Quality, and Why Is It So Important?

What Is Indoor Air Quality, and Why Is It So Important?

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What is indoor air quality, and why is it so important?

At S&R Heating & Cooling, we talk a lot about the importance of home air quality. That’s because it affects more than just your comfort—it can also impact your health. But what is indoor air quality, and what can make it troublesome? Our experts share some basics below.

Indoor Air Quality 101

The term refers to how polluted the air inside your home is. Though you won’t see them, contaminants like dirt, dust, and even certain viruses float through your house every day. These pollutants stem from many household items and activities, such as cooking, cleaning, carpets, and even your pets.

Without systems like purifiers or dehumidifiers, those contaminants can cause poor indoor air quality and make you sick.

How You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Standards

Install Air-Cleaning Systems

Fortunately, most air quality problems have specific systems designed to solve them. For example, an air purifier can capture and kill up to 99 percent of the pollutants mentioned above. Dehumidifiers help remove moisture in your home (which can cause other issues with mold and mildew), while UV lights zap bacteria that grow inside your heating and cooling systems.

Replace Your Air Filter

Your air filter is a small but essential part of your HVAC setup. It works like an air purifier but on a smaller scale. When air flows through it, airborne pollutants get caught in the filter’s fibers, preventing them from circulating. However, this can clog the filter over time, blocking airflow altogether and putting unnecessary stress on your furnace and AC.

By replacing your filter every one to three months, you can help ensure good indoor air quality in your home.

Prevent Indoor Pollutants in the First Place

It sounds simple, but prevention is always the best policy. Here are a few tips to help stop pollution before it starts:

  • Turn on exhaust fans when cooking or taking a shower
  • Vacuum the house once a week (or more often if you have pets)
  • Dust everything, from blinds to ceiling fans
  • Groom your pets
  • Open windows when using chemical cleaners

Ask S&R Heating for Help

As a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer, the experts at S&R Heating can help you keep your home healthy and comfortable year-round. From installing the right home air quality system to simply answering your questions, let us do the heavy lifting.

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