Furnace Facts or Fiction—Test Your Home Comfort IQ

Furnace Facts or Fiction—Test Your Home Comfort IQ

Learn the truth about these common furnace myths

False information can be costly, but the experts at S&R Heating & Cooling are happy to help you separate furnace facts from fiction for a more comfortable, efficient home. Here are the five most common myths homeowners believe about their heating systems but shouldn’t.

Heating System Misunderstandings

  1. Bigger is better? Wrong! A bigger furnace doesn’t mean you’ll feel warmer, faster. In fact, you’ll have inconsistent heating and waste money running a system too big to cycle properly in your home. Instead, let an S&R Heating certified technician recommend a unit that’s designed to work best in your space.
  2. Close vents in unused rooms to save? Nope! Your furnace was selected as the best option to heat your entire home, and its job is to distribute heat evenly, no matter what. Closing vents disrupts pressure in your duct system and makes your furnace work harder and less efficiently. Save money and reduce the strain on your system by keeping all vents open for optimal airflow.
  3. The filter in your furnace cleans the air? Not really. A standard furnace filter prevents dust and debris from getting into your furnace and bogging down moving parts—it really doesn’t clean the air that comes out of it. To truly improve indoor air quality, you’ll need to invest in an air purifier that’s specifically designed to trap tiny airborne particles and microorganisms.
  4. Fix a leaky duct with duct tape? Au contraire! The extreme temperature changes degrade the adhesive and make the tape fail every time. Within just a few days, you’ll be losing heat and money again. To add insult to injury, using duct tape on ducts could violate local codes and leave you open to fines or further repairs.
  5. If your furnace goes out, relight the pilot light? Umm, no. Most furnaces made in the last 30 years don’t have a pilot light. Instead, your system has an electronic igniter. This means you can’t light the furnace manually, but you may be able to get the furnace working again by turning off the igniter and resetting it. Check your manual to find the reset button or switch.

Two More Truths About Home Comfort

Besides the common issues above, S&R Heating reminds homeowners about two more furnace facts that are often ignored: you need to service your heating and cooling systems every year and you need the work done by a trained, certified professional. Annual maintenance by an HVAC expert like those at S&R Heating adds years to the life of your equipment. It also makes your life easier by keeping your home comfortable, lowering energy bills, and minimizing the high cost and hassles of frequent breakdowns. As a Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer, we’re able to find and fix small problems before they turn into home emergencies. Or, if it doesn’t make sense to repair an older system again, we can help you with every step of a smart furnace replacement.

For all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs, one thing is certain: homeowners throughout the Twin Cities area have trusted S&R Heating for over 35 years and you can, too. Contact us anytime with your questions or to schedule fast, affordable service.